Friday, September 29, 2006

September Pictures

Picture of Sky taken Sept 16th.

Sky and his grandpa watching TV.

Skylar with Mom and Dad.

Brandi's parents are building a new house. Brandi and Sky are lying on an inflatable mattress in the new house.

While Skylar stays with Granny, Brandi (a.k.a. Mom) and Aunt Alisha eat fried cheese at the bowling alley.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Travel, Travel, and More Travel

I have only been away 3 nights this week. But, upon my return, Skylar looked bigger and older than he did when I left. It is absolutely amazing how quickly he is changing right now. Both him and Sabastian (our Labrador) were extremely happy to see me when I got home. At work today, I was told that I may have to be in France 2 weeks each month until January. They want me to assist with project documentation because their "Frenglish" is incomprehensible. But, I can hardly imagine how much Sky will change over a two week period.... And, I hope Brandi doesn't feel that I've abandoned her and our child....

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